September 21, 2011

On Hold Once Again

Okay, we're very sad to say that we've had to place our adoption on hold once again.  But very pleased to say that it's because the Lord has chosen to bless us with a child of our very own instead!  We are NOT foregoing the adoption altogether!  But we had to make a decision that was the most financially sound and we agreed that it would be a wiser decision to place a hold on the adoption right now and pick it back up after the baby is here.  By no means do we mean to stop the process at all!  We're far too invested (spiritually, financially, and emotionally), so we're just delaying it a bit longer.

Thank you for all your support over the years and we hope you will join us in celebrating our newest blessing!

August 27, 2011

My Love Affair with Craigs List

Ever since I felt the panic settle in about getting everything together for the baby sooner rather than later, I have frantically been searching Craigs List (countless hours a day every day) in pursuit of thrifty baby purchases :)  You won't believe it but there is so much wonderful stuff out there, gently used and still in good condition, for just a fraction of the retail price!  Earlier this week I contacted a nice young lady about an Eddie Bauer travel system she had posted for sale.  It was the exact same one I had picked out in the store (except in black instead of brown), so I inquired about it.  She was hoping to sell the car seat, stroller, and car seat base for a total cost of $100 - that's over $150 in savings!  So we emailed back and forth all week and agreed to meet in the Lowe's parking lot in Salisbury this morning to check it out.  Sure enough, it was as fabulous as I expected!  The stroller has a little "wear and tear" but nothing I couldn't go in and spruce up myself.  So we bought it!  We made our first official big baby purchase today!  It felt great!  I'm looking forward to all the other little treasures that are still to come :)

Eddie Bauer Adventurer Travel System in Westlake

August 26, 2011

Bring In the Media

Last night we received the news that our Phase 1 funding had just been submitted and approved and we have officially set sail on the adoption ship!  We were informed that our next contact will be with the media team and they will provide us with the list of questions and information needed to get started on building our websites. 

Looks like we're officially underway!

Baby Harrell's First Purchases!

Okay, so while I was at the store shopping for a friend's baby shower this weekend, I stumbled upon these little treasures that I just couldn't pass up for our little one on the way:

First we have an adorable Paul Frank paci set (2 pacifiers and a clip) and then a super soft teddy bear blanket (just big enough for strollers, carseats, etc.).  I just couldn't resist the urge . . . :)